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Successful Substance Abuse Treatment

substance abuse treatment successSubstance abuse is a condition that plagues every demographic of every country and culture. It can be found in every level of society and does not discriminate in who it afflicts. Substance abuse can be mild and occasional or it can be severe and life-threatening. It benefits no one and damages everyone. The faster a person can recover from substance abuse, the faster they can lead a healthy life again.

So, the question is, how does one quit substance abuse? Everyone wants to know how to successfully end substance abuse, whether it is related to a recreational substance or a prescription substance. The answer to this question is personal. One can only know what type of treatment they need if they understand their own needs. There is a range of treatment options available and their level of success will be determined by how well matched a substance abuser is with their type of treatment.

  • Inpatient treatment is ideal for severe or long term substance abusers because it completely immerses a person in their treatment, as well as immersing them in an environment free from the substance they abuse.
  • Outpatient treatment is ideal for mild or short term substance abusers because it allows them to connect with all the same resources as inpatient treatment does while still allowing them the freedom to function within their world. A mild or short term substance abuser does not always need the heavily immersive style that inpatient treatment offers.
  • Individual counseling can be an effective means of dealing with substance abuse issues. For people who prefer privacy to group interaction, individual counseling can enable a person to work through the underlying causes of their substance abuse issues and help them into a healthier lifestyle.
  • Support groups are very effective for those who have already received treatment or are already working toward their recovery and benefit from peer support or the social aspects of recovery.
  • Self help is always an option for the independent, mild substance abuser who prefers self healing to formal means of treatment. This is usually in the medium of self help books or gatherings.

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